Engineering Intern

EOS in Low Earth Orbit

s an intern, you’ll work alongside our talented team of engineers and professionals, gaining valuable experience and insight into the world of space vehicle design and manufacturing.

Launch Operator

EOS in Low Earth Orbit

As a Launch Operator Specialist, your responsibilities will span across the spectrum of launch operations, from preparing launch equipment and assisting in subsystem assembly, to defining mission-specific test and operational requirements, and troubleshooting real-time challenges.

Launch Vehicle Design Engineer

EOS in Low Earth Orbit

In this role, you will be focusing on structures, propulsion or mission analysis, and contributing to multiple subsystems.

Manufacturing Specialist

EOS in Low Earth Orbit

As a Manufacturing Operator at our company, you will play a crucial role in the production of components and assemblies for our revolutionary EOS launch vehicle

Business Analyst

EOS in Low Earth Orbit

As an equal-opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion, we are seeking a Business Analyst to play a pivotal role in our Finance Department.

Avionics Engineer

EOS in Low Earth Orbit

We are looking for an Avionics Engineer with a strong background in electronics and a focus on embedded software to join our talented team of engineers

EOS Vehicle OC-2522

EOS OC-2522 Ballon Tanks with Mattia Barbarossa alongside

EOS Balloon tanks are capable of sustaining their own dry weight. The Pressurization Tests are expected soon

MR-2 Static Test Fire

MR-2 Static Fire

Sidereus has successfully tested the MR-2. This first ablative-cooled 2.2 kN engine performed successfully at 87% efficiency for over 10 seconds