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EOS OC-2522 Ballon Tanks with Mattia Barbarossa alongside

EOS Vehicle OC-2522

EOS Balloon tanks are capable of sustaining their own dry weight. The Pressurization Tests are expected soon
MR-2 Static Fire

MR-2 Static Test Fire

Sidereus has successfully tested the MR-2. This first ablative-cooled 2.2 kN engine performed successfully at 87% efficiency for over 10 seconds
From left to right: Massimiliano Masciarelli - CFO, Mattia Barbarossa - CEO and Luca Principi - COO.

Primo Space and CDP Venture Capital Sgr invest €1.5M in Sidereus Space Dynamics

Primo Ventures and CDP Venture Capital SGR - Fondo Nazionale Innovazione joined Sidereus Space Dynamics in the development of EOS with an investment of €1,5M

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