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0 m
0 kN
0 Kg
to/from 550km SSO
0 Kg
to/from LEO
EOS - The Personal Launch Vehicle
  • 3.5 m tall
  • 1.8 t wet mass
Main Tank Structure
  • Made of aluminum alloy
  • Simplified and modular
  • Launch ready assembly
Payload Bay
  • 10 kg payload to and from SS0 (550 km)
  • 13 kg payload to and from LEO
  • 25 cm x 25 cm x 40 cm (h), 25 L 
Engine Bay
  • MR-2 Engines
  • 25 kN total
Heat Shield

Designed For Efficiency

EOS is a Single Stage To Orbit – SSTO – launch vehicle designed to be user-friendly, reliable, and affordable so that anyone can use it to deliver and recover payloads from space.

Our SSTO can be launched from various locations with minimum to none infrastructure needed.

MR Engine

Our in-house developed propulsion unit, called MR or “Motore a Razzo”, is powered by Liquid Oxygen and Kerosene.

EOS employs MR-5 engines, generating 25 kN of thrust.

25 kN


Specific Impulse
295 s (weighted)
Chamber Pressure
25 bar

Launch Infrastructures and operations

EOS is meant to employ the least amount of infrastructure possible, ideally none. The vehicle can be transported inside a wood shipment box to the selected launch site.

The system requires only a health check and refurbishment of commodities. The fuel can be either loaded on-site or beforehand.

Re-Entry and Landing

During the reentry phase, a skip trajectory is employed to maximize the reentry time while reducing both thermal and mechanical loads.

Once lower down in the atmosphere, a parafoil is ejected, allowing a highly precise pinpoint landing.

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