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The application software team is the central nervous system of SpaceX – we create mission critical applications that are used throughout SpaceX to accelerate launch vehicle production and flight as well as systems that allow Starlink to grow into a worldwide fast, reliable Internet service. We are looking for engineers who treat fellow teammates with fairness, respect, and support.

Our team is currently creating and evolving systems to enable rapid build and reuse of Starship as well as designing the next generation manufacturing software that will be used in high throughput factories for Starlink. Other applications range from platforms that support concurrent streams of data from many always-on assets to manage the world’s largest satellite constellation to public facing systems where customers can join our Starlink network globally. We work closely with engineers throughout the company to create and update our systems with respect to crewed launches, Starship flights, changes to the Starlink network and much more.

Aerospace experience is not required to be successful here – rather we look for smart, motivated, respectful, collaborative engineers who love solving problems and want to make an impact on a super inspiring mission. You will have full ownership of challenging problems, working with a team of enthusiastic engineers with diverse perspectives to design and produce solutions that enable SpaceX to move towards our goals at a rapid pace. The success of the missions at SpaceX depends on the software that you and your team produce.



• Develop highly reliable software solutions that are used across SpaceX
• Create new applications that improve how SpaceX operates
• Build prototypes to prove out key design concepts and quantify technical constraints
• Own all aspects of software engineering and product development
• Deep dive into your users’ problems to find and create efficient solutions
• Bring your voice to the table in team collaborations on architecture, design, and code reviews



• Bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, math or scientific discipline; OR 2+ years as professional experience building software
• Experience in full stack development



• Programming experience in Python, C#.NET, Go, Scala, Java, or similar object-oriented language
• 1+ years of rigorous experience building single page web applications
• Experience with version control, continuous integration, and continuous delivery concepts
• Expertise in designing software systems
• Deep understanding of testing, continuous integration, build, deployment & monitoring
• Expertise in profiling and improving application performance
• Experience with build systems (Make, Bazel/Pants/Buck, Gradle) and package management tools (pip, npm)
• Experience with UNIX-like operating systems and tools like Terraform, Ansible, Puppet for managing them
• Experience working with in-stream data processing using Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, or similar technologies
• Production experience with Docker and Kubernetes
• Front-end experience in Angular, React, or similar JavaScript framework
• Database experience with PostgreSQL, SQL Server, or similar database technologies


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