Who we are

The idea of the company came from our CEO and CTO, due will of contributing to space exploration, creating an economy from it.

Space economy will affect not just the space industry, the technologies developed for that aim can change our daily lives radically. And with the renewed enthusiasm and interesting economic and scientific perspectives, no moments could be better to start more than now.

With that premises the 28th January the Sidereus Space Dynamics S.r.l. will be founded.

Our team is composed by:

Mattia Barbarossa
CEO, CTO & Founder

The youngest entrepreneur in aerospace, 18 years old, winner of Lab2Moon competition (2017), ESA Space Exploration Masters Astrosat Huntsville (2018).

Roberto Esposito
Space System Technical Developer

Graduating in Aerospace Engineering at University Federico II.

And the investor board of directors:

Emilio Sassone Corsi
Chairman & Founder

Management Innovation (MaIn) Senior Partner & CEO. MaIn co-representative in Sidereus.

Francesco Limatola
Member of the Board & Founder

MaIn co-representative in Sidereus, consultant.