“Meteoroid” Complementary Descent Module

About the long term products, the company is currently working on other technologies to facilitate and create profit out of space exploration, in order to make an economy out of that.

In parallel with future developments of our Interorbital Vehicles, our R&D will also focus on the project CDM “Meteoroid”.

The Complementary Descent Module “Meteoroid” is a universal magneto-mechanical interface developed for the Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) vehicle: the Dream Chaser.

With this new interface, the SNC Dream Chaser will be able to offer a return payload from low Earth orbit as a low-g return capsule for a wide range of different payloads. From a cubesat (>1 kg) to 1050 kg, with a very competitive price and two target market: sample return mission, asteroids and lunar mining.

This idea was selected as the winner of the international competition ESA space Exploration Master Astrosat Huntsville and will be developed with the help provided by the University of Huntsville Alabama and the European Space Agency.