Sidereus Space Dynamics

Exploring outer space to call it, one day, home.

The Sidereus Space Dynamics Srl, it’s an innovative startup opened in 2019 with the aim of developing innovative technologies in the newborn field of the space economy.The search area is one of the developments of space transport systems and technologies produced by those referred.

Despite the achievements that were obtained so far, the long-term aim remains the exploration of deep space and the will to change the perception of the space that people have.

Learn more about our two current projects: The Transorbital Expedition Vehicle (TEV), a small transporter of micro-satellites at long-range capable of sending 25kg to the Moon, starting from the low orbit; and The ELSE, solar-powered air-breathing vehicle capable of achieving any orbits from the Extremely Low Earth Orbit up to the Moon and the interplanetary space. 

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Our motto is: “Audentes Fortuna Iuvat” (latin: “fortune helps the braves”)