Sidereus Space Dynamics

Sidereus Space Dynamics or just Sidereus is an exploration-driven aerospace company.

For that aim, we’ve developed a transportation system for deep space for smallsats, lowering the costs of access and enabling exploration of GEO and beyond, places with enormous potential for the current small sats market and future markets.

The first launch of our TransOrbit, it’s planned to be done in two years (2021).
Launching your smallsat further than any other but at the same price, imagine what could you do for commerce or exploration.

What if you have to not adapt your sat to the commercially available parts but instead make your custom one at an even lower price? See our service of custom parts for your small sat.

Explore our innovative deep space transportation vehicle
and learn more about our future developments for payload reentry with the SNC Dream Chaser with the help of University of Alabama HuntsvilleHuntsville Maidson County Chamber and the European Space Agency in our website, or contact us.

If you are an investor looking for opportunities in the space economy look in our dedicated section in Opportunities
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Our motto is: “Audentes Fortuna Iuvat” (latin: “fortune helps the braves”)